Making Her Go Ooooooo..

tecahing squirting 101 Axel Braun is the man! What a job he has, helping women and men learn how-to make a woman explode in a fountain of orgasmic pleasure, reaching that body shaking orgasmic moment!

If you made it this far, you are real close to learning the secrets to taking a woman to that point of "no return", hitting that g-spot and sending her crazy..

That's what you want right? I hope so!

First: It Is Not Pee!

tecahing squirting 101 Get that thought out of your head, right now!

"Girl cum is NOT pee. It's closer in composition to men's prostrate fluid. It's sometimes clear or milky, the tastes differ. Even if it shoots through the urethra, it's not pee.

When stimulating the G-spot and clitoris, the paraurethral gland fills up with fluid. At the time of orgasm, the contractions expel the accumulated fluids in powerfu gushes. A squirting orgasm is stronger than any other sexual pleasure a girl can feel."

Second: Who is Axel Braun?

tecahing squirting 101 Axel Braun, the magic man whose hands are insured for $2,000,000 each, finally reveals his secrets.

That's right, Axel will teach YOU how to properly stimulate the g-spot and make every girl ejaculate! Join the squirt-master and his disciples (they teach others the way) as they take on some of the hottest girls in porn for the hottest, wettest most exhilarating class in town!

Third: Alex in Action..

Most people want an orientation, some proof, that a system works... so here you go, take a look at this sample video of what you can learn how-to do when you become a student of Axel's:

squirting 101